Our Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

The Social Media Policy

Crafted by attorneys specializing in law for the age of new media and a marketing professor who earned her social media chops writing a popular blog, the SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY creates this balance with legal opinions and marketing best practices that dull the dangerous edge of social media while sharpening the blade that cuts through the BS to help you build your brand through social media.

Our simple social media policy is not just advice, like many you’ll find online.  It’s a complete policy template — easily customized for your business needs.  We also certifying each employee understands and agrees to comply with your social media policy.  This provides you the most comprehensive protection of any social media policy.

Need more protection: our attorneys can create a custom policy for you at a very reasonable cost.

Need more social media advice: visit our marketing blog or check out the policy blog.  Or hire our professional marketing staff to create and/or implement your social media marketing strategy.

Any way you want it, we’re here for you.